The importance of clear, concise and well formulated writing in business and academic environments cannot be overstated. Unlike oral dialogue where a mistaken phrase or word used in conversation can be easily overlooked, the written word is there for everyone to see. Once correspondence or text of any kind is submitted it cannot be changed or adjusted, if there are mistakes in the text, they can be seen and because you are not in front of the person when they read your text, you do not have an opportunity to explain any errors or potential misuderstandings. Mispelling or poor grammar will inevitably highlight your language weaknesses and present the wrong impression. Of course learning all aspects of writing a language can be difficult and very time-consuming, that is why we have divided our writing courses up into a variety of modules, each designed to meet specific needs. Among our many course modules to choose from are:


• Emails and general correspondence

• Reports

• Media and presentation materials

• Technical writing

• Translations

• Sales and marketing materials

• Descriptive writing

• Academic writing

• Basic writing skills brush-up


All of our writing courses are supplemented with specific exercises, transfer tasks and vocabularies to meet your individual requirements. These courses are also available via our distance learning services. For further information about our writing courses and a free assessment and consultation contact us today.