customer services



Customer Services


The Customer Services department is at the forefront of interaction between a company or public enterprise and its clients. It often affords organisations an opportunity to demonstrate their professionalism, commitment and effectivity to their clients. Our customer service courses are designed to enhance your communicative skills across a wide range of practical business tasks and situations. Our courses address a variety language skills associated with telephone support, e-mail correspondance, direct online support via chat and Skype including:


• Dealing with general enquiries

• Arranging call outs

• Instruction

• Processing orders

• Arranging shipment and deliveries

• Information processing

• Reporting

• Offering advice

• Providing technical support

• Account management


All our customer service courses are supplemented with specific exercises, practical training, transfer tasks and vocabularies to suit your individual requirements. For further information about our customer service courses and a free assessment and consultation contact us today.