studying abroad



Studying abroad


More and more Danish students are chosing to study abroad every year and for good reasons. Foreign study enables you to learn new language and culture, attain higher levels of expertise in your particular field and affords numerous opportunities to share ideas and experiences with fellow students from around world. Moreover, upon graduation you are more employable in large multinational companies. However, applying and qualifying for an international study programme can be difficult, especially when your language skills need to be on an academic level. Our language courses for studying abroad are based on an holistic approach aimed at training the necessary language skills to both qualify and successfully complete an education programme at a foreign university. These include:


• Application documentation

• Interviews

• Language proficency tests IELTS / TOFEL

• Written assignment work

• Presentations

• Taking notes

• Analysing information

• In-class speaking and listening activities


Although our courses are designed to cover all aspects of studying abroad, due to the modular nature of our courses, you are of course free to target those areas which you feel need most improvement. We would be happy to provide you with a free assessment and consultation to find a course package that meets your individual needs. Contact us today and begin your journey to studying abroad.