Language skills for Job seekers


Many Danish companies and organisations are becoming more and more international due to the impact of global markets. Fuelled by an explosion of internet technology applications and online media , the language requirements for new and existing personnel in Danish companies have also increased substantially in recent years. It is no longer acceptable to simply get by on basic school English or German when attending a conference or working in a sales support role. This is also reflected in the descriptions of numerous job vacancies, whereby it has become common to specify fluency in a minimum of two languages. For many people securing employment in the job market is daunting enough without the added worry of such language requirements. Our Job Seeker courses are designed to help you enhance your employment prospects by improving and honing your existing language skills to meet the requirements of employers. Our job seeker courses focus on such areas as:


• Interview and conversation training

• General correspondance skills

• Creating an effective resume

• Vocabulary development, nuances and phrases

• Language proficency tests

• Application forms, documentation, etc


Whether your looking for employment in an international company in Denmark or considering working abroad we can offer a wide range of course options designed to meet your needs and those of any perspective employer. We are currently offering unemployed persons a 20% discount on all our job seeker courses. Contact us today for a free evaluation and consultation.